Before you book your cat’s spaw day,
take a look at our frequently asked questions and be in the meow on how mobile cat grooming works!

About Mobile Grooming

Regular grooming has huge health benefits for all cats, in particular those with longer coats or with health problems. It can also reduce hairballs, that may cause throat and intestinal problems, as it limits the amount of hair they swallow while grooming themselves.

Older cats often suffer with ailments that can prevent them from being able to maintain themselves effectively. This can lead to their coat becoming matted and uncomfortable. Mats begin as a simple tangle in the coat, however they can rapidly worsen and can restrict your cats movement by pulling on their sensitive skin. If your cats coat becomes severely matted the only humane solution is to shave it off.

Mobile grooming is not only more convenient for you as the owner but it’s the purrfect solution to taking care of your cat’s physical and emotional needs.

When one of Jennifur’s groomers arrives, your cat is given one on one care in the environment that they are the most comfortable in… your home! Your cat will not have to be forced into a carrier or to take a nerve wracking car ride, reducing anxiety and stress for both of you.

Jennifur’s service area includes most areas of Nova Scotia. Each furstylist visits a different area of the province each day, making sure no kitty is left behind.

Just a friendly reminder that JenniFUR’s will charge an extra $10 for gas for appointments that are more than an hour outside of HRM or Sydney and $20 for gas for appointments that are two hours outside of these areas. 

Your Cat's Appointment

Making your cat’s grooming appointment is easy! Just fill out our booking form and we’ll add your home as a stop on our route. When we know the next date that we will be in your area, we will contact you to confirm that someone will be home that day. Once the day is full and our route is planned, we will send you an email with the approximate time of your appointment. 

On the day of your appointment, your groomer’s arrival can be a bit unpredictable. As a mobile service, our schedule is subject to interruption and delays, due to the unpredictable nature of the road and our furry clients.

You will be given a time window, morning or afternoon, and our groomer will call you during their route to let you know when to expect them.

If you are giving Gabapentin, you will be given a time to administer it to your cat.

When a Jennifur’s groomer arrives at your home, they arrive with all of the equipment they need to groom your kitty. All they ask for is an outlet they can use and a towel incase your kitty needs help to calm down. 

JenniFUR’s groomers accept debit, credit card and cash payments.

We understand that unexpected things happen, that’s why we’ve made it easy for you to cancel your appointment. You can log into your Jennifur’s account and cancel your appointment, email or call and leave a message at 1-844-88-4CATS

However, our groomers wages are commission based and if you cancel your appointment last minute, not only does the groomer lose income, but we lose out on fitting in another client or have to make our booking assistant work overtime to find a replacement.

If JenniFUR’s arrives and you’re not home or you cancel within 2 days of your appointment, we will need to send you an invoice for 50% of your grooming fee, that must be paid before your cat’s next appointment is booked.

On rare occasions, JenniFUR’s may need to cancel or reschedule your appointment due to unforeseen circumstances such as inclement weather, vehicle failure, COVID restrictions etc. Every effort will be made to contact you in advance to reschedule through email, text and phone.


After your grooming, you can discuss with your groomer how often they would recommend a spa day for your cat. We can then set you up on recurring appointments that can be adjusted at any time.

Our Maintenance Package is purrrfect for pet parents who want to maintain their cat’s grooming on a monthly schedule to ensure the proper health of their cat. 

Jennifur’s furstylists have been trained to make your kitty feel as relaxed as possible during their groom. However, if  you know that your cat has a history of aggression, you must inform Jennifur’s at the time that you book your appointment.

If your cat is fractious, which is just another word for unruly, you can request an appointment with your veterinarian to get a prescription for Gabapentin and administer to your cat before their next grooming appointment.

Jennifur’s reserves the right to refuse service to any cat they don’t feel comfortable grooming and stop the groom, even if service has started, because of aggression. In this case, you will only be charged a $10 fee for travel expenses.

Jennifur’s will charge an extra $10 if she finds fleas. Please see your local veterinarian for preventative treatment.

Jennifur’s will not de-matt a coat. Excessive de-matting is a painful, time-consuming and costly procedure that causes extreme discomfort and can aggravate, or cause skin problems. If your cat’s coat is matted a shave will be required.

Take lots of photos of your kitty’s new fur-do and share them with family, friends and of course, Jennifur’s!

Jennifur’s may take pictures of your pet, before and after grooming, to use on their website, social media, or for any and all advertising purposes, with your purrrmission!

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